Rabu, 03 Juli 2013

They're Who Can't Be Removed

Time goes by so fast and school life has been closed. Too many memories we through in, too much pain and tears we felt and too much excitement and pleasure we got. But friendship will never get its ending.
Several friends came and went away, just stick a lil of their impression. But the other, gave so much rooted memory to be unforgotten. Close friend could be the closest to us than family indeed. Okay, instead of being talkative I'd you to know anyone who has ever been in my precious school life.

1. My everything, my bestfriend ever Anin, Icut, Esti. You always be in my heart whenever and wherever you are.
2. My 3yearsseatmate Yuwildaa! I don't know what the appropriate words to describe you. Annoying sissy, crazy mate, happy-lunacy lover, storyteller, mood-comfy booster, perfectionist, boys-lover (ups) and much more. You are the best one to me. Thanks for being with me.
3. My friends in crime Manda, Ize, Rachel, Rifki. Foolishness, dido and anything weirdo are the best things we favorite to do. No one can beat us, party madness til we crumple.
4. My imaginative pals Risna and Ami. Always talking about something that actually beyond imagination, we are real dreamcatcher!
5. My oddyy-over fella Nadya,Indan! How lucky I'm to have you both. There always something cheers with you.
6. My burden pal Ariniii, although you always be my trouble but you're heartfelt and can make other people feel pleased with hilarity you did.
7. X.6,WQ and Infinite I DO LOVE YOU GUYS

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