Selasa, 02 Juli 2013

G2B 2013

I almost forgot to introduce my new friends, my new big family hahaha. Lemme presence now!! Gotta keep your attention.

1. Rhisa Meidilla Sari , Sociology College Student, kind and friendly, ACTRESS WANNABE, in odd moment she's grumpy. BEWARE.
2. Regina Karissaputri , HI College Student, superwomen, good at debating, very amusing.
3. Rachman Kurnia , Metallurgy College Student, funny, SINGER WANNABE, tubby boy.
4. Rahmadhona Freshe , Dutch Literature College Student, tiny girl, fun, friendly, smart.
5. Rani Nur Aini, Law College Student, smart, friendly, if you're be at fault you'll be punished by her.
6. Reza Sawitri , Dentistry College Student
7. Riadzul Jannah , Architecture College Student
8. Ridha Syalli Adha , Public Health College Student
9. Ria Aprilliyani , Electrical Engineering College Student
10. Reny Ayu , Javanese Literature College Student
11. Rhaka Drastha , Metallurgy College Student
12. Ridha Moulina , Electrical Engineering College Student, she have no twitter, friend in lost.
13. Reggia Aldiana , Industrial College Student
14. Putri Malinda , Accounting College Student
15. Putri Haditya , Commercial Administration College Student
16. Putri Syifa , Nursing College Student
17. Ratna Annisa , Korean College Student
18. Rahmi Julianasari , Computer College Student
19. Prilly Wiashari , Law College Student
20. Puji Rahajeng , Germany College Student
21. Pratiwi RL , Bioprocess College Student
22. Rahmatika Alfia , Chemist College Student
23. Raisa Khoiriana , Geography College Student, she have no twitter and fb, simply lover.
24. Raditya Dewangga , Medical College Student
25. Rahma Maulidina S , Medical College Student
26. Rabiatul Adawiyah , Science of Nutrition College Student
27. Putra Muttaqin , Computer College Student
28. Rachmah Pradnya , Management College Student
29. Raden Diky , Anthropology College Student
30. Rachmad Ardiansyah , Information Systems College Student
31. Rahmat Aulia , Dutch Literature College Student
32. Prasetya Hari Ariadi , Literature College Student

Actually I couldn't mention it one by one, but surely there are many-more story about them that you have to concern hahaha. GUYS YOU'RE SO IRREPLACEABLE AND INDESCRIBABLE.

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