Rabu, 03 Juli 2013

They're Who Can't Be Removed

Time goes by so fast and school life has been closed. Too many memories we through in, too much pain and tears we felt and too much excitement and pleasure we got. But friendship will never get its ending.
Several friends came and went away, just stick a lil of their impression. But the other, gave so much rooted memory to be unforgotten. Close friend could be the closest to us than family indeed. Okay, instead of being talkative I'd you to know anyone who has ever been in my precious school life.

1. My everything, my bestfriend ever Anin, Icut, Esti. You always be in my heart whenever and wherever you are.
2. My 3yearsseatmate Yuwildaa! I don't know what the appropriate words to describe you. Annoying sissy, crazy mate, happy-lunacy lover, storyteller, mood-comfy booster, perfectionist, boys-lover (ups) and much more. You are the best one to me. Thanks for being with me.
3. My friends in crime Manda, Ize, Rachel, Rifki. Foolishness, dido and anything weirdo are the best things we favorite to do. No one can beat us, party madness til we crumple.
4. My imaginative pals Risna and Ami. Always talking about something that actually beyond imagination, we are real dreamcatcher!
5. My oddyy-over fella Nadya,Indan! How lucky I'm to have you both. There always something cheers with you.
6. My burden pal Ariniii, although you always be my trouble but you're heartfelt and can make other people feel pleased with hilarity you did.
7. X.6,WQ and Infinite I DO LOVE YOU GUYS

Selasa, 02 Juli 2013

G2B 2013

I almost forgot to introduce my new friends, my new big family hahaha. Lemme presence now!! Gotta keep your attention.

1. Rhisa Meidilla Sari , Sociology College Student, kind and friendly, ACTRESS WANNABE, in odd moment she's grumpy. BEWARE.
2. Regina Karissaputri , HI College Student, superwomen, good at debating, very amusing.
3. Rachman Kurnia , Metallurgy College Student, funny, SINGER WANNABE, tubby boy.
4. Rahmadhona Freshe , Dutch Literature College Student, tiny girl, fun, friendly, smart.
5. Rani Nur Aini, Law College Student, smart, friendly, if you're be at fault you'll be punished by her.
6. Reza Sawitri , Dentistry College Student
7. Riadzul Jannah , Architecture College Student
8. Ridha Syalli Adha , Public Health College Student
9. Ria Aprilliyani , Electrical Engineering College Student
10. Reny Ayu , Javanese Literature College Student
11. Rhaka Drastha , Metallurgy College Student
12. Ridha Moulina , Electrical Engineering College Student, she have no twitter, friend in lost.
13. Reggia Aldiana , Industrial College Student
14. Putri Malinda , Accounting College Student
15. Putri Haditya , Commercial Administration College Student
16. Putri Syifa , Nursing College Student
17. Ratna Annisa , Korean College Student
18. Rahmi Julianasari , Computer College Student
19. Prilly Wiashari , Law College Student
20. Puji Rahajeng , Germany College Student
21. Pratiwi RL , Bioprocess College Student
22. Rahmatika Alfia , Chemist College Student
23. Raisa Khoiriana , Geography College Student, she have no twitter and fb, simply lover.
24. Raditya Dewangga , Medical College Student
25. Rahma Maulidina S , Medical College Student
26. Rabiatul Adawiyah , Science of Nutrition College Student
27. Putra Muttaqin , Computer College Student
28. Rachmah Pradnya , Management College Student
29. Raden Diky , Anthropology College Student
30. Rachmad Ardiansyah , Information Systems College Student
31. Rahmat Aulia , Dutch Literature College Student
32. Prasetya Hari Ariadi , Literature College Student

Actually I couldn't mention it one by one, but surely there are many-more story about them that you have to concern hahaha. GUYS YOU'RE SO IRREPLACEABLE AND INDESCRIBABLE.

Short but Unforgettable

It's been so ages since the latest post yah, but now I wanna share about my new experiences in entering new life, new book, new chapter even new page and new paper HA! Okay, first I was glad to know that I'm the one of three students that granted in SNMPTN for medical faculty in Indonesia University. I wish you could imagine how happy I was that time. Then, I attended requirements in listed. And now my remarkable experience started.

OBM/Student Learning Orientation is an activity that aimed to present the learning system in university. OBM was held for 6 days. There was an embarrassing moment when I actually do something erroneous. I was missed-class ! I should have attended technical class but I was misguided in psiko class. But not only me, other students felt so.

I was joined in G2B group and at my first look to them I felt so awkward, clumsy, stiff and cold perhaps we haven't knew each other. Everyday in class, we are given discussion tasks and it should've done by group randomly chosen by counting number. For new topics, new groups so we could know one another fast. Oh FYI, in G2B we came from many parts, many tribes, many diverse cultures and sometimes we got miscommunication. But overall it can be through by our solidarity our sense of familiarity. HONESTLY DEEPLY FROM MY HEART, BEING A PART OF ONE OF YOU GUYS IS THE LOVELIEST MEMORY EVER. So much gratitude sending to you all. Bighugskisses.

Here are some photos in G2B where I was belong to. This is one of my group in PBL, group  5 (metalkecil,metalgede).

Jumat, 28 Desember 2012

How Sarcasm Works

Sarcasm is an example of what some researchers call unplain speaking, ways of speaking in which what is said differs from what is meant. This category of language also includes forced politeness, ritual language, affectation and speaking in aphorisms. Some people consider sarcasm to be a cruder, "lower" form of irony, or simply a verbal form of irony. But sarcasm always hinges on the speaker; a person is sarcastic (a sarcast), but a situation is ironic. Sarcasm is not deceptive, although not everyone grasps the speaker's true intention.

Jumat, 09 November 2012


Just because somebody flirts with you, doesn't mean they like you. Just because somebody likes you, doesn't mean they want to go out with you. Just because somebody wants to go out with you, doesn't mean they love you. Just because somebody loves you, doesn't mean they won't hurt you. Because people lie, things changed. Boyfriends cheat, best friends ditch. And there are always going to be those people who would kill to see you fall.


Someone you haven't even met yet is wondering what it'd be like to know someone like you.