Jumat, 27 April 2012

I'm Craving for Sushi

Why do I crave sushi? It seems like sometimes I have good sushi, I just want it more and more. My curiosity about these delectable little morsels of raw seafood got the best of me this past weekend, so I went online to see if there was something to these cravings—you know, kind of like how they say they put something addictive in Dunkin’ Donuts coffee to make you crave it.

I guess the only thing I don’t like about sushi is how much it can cost, so I found another really great blog about making sushi at home. The pictures of some of this sushi look so amazing; it even motivated me to try out my culinary skills and try making sushi at home. I’m going to try the recipe for the Too Crazy Roll (tuna and pesto are the main ingredients) or maybe the Pink Panther Roll (salmon, avocado, and tamago wrapped in rice paper)!

Plus, I think it fills an essential need to try new things, and put yourself out there enough to let the itamae (sushi chef) create something amazing just for you. Eating sushi is more than just having a meal, it’s a dining experience. And how fun is it that as an adult, you can order something called a Crazy Roll and love it?! So, did I get you craving some sushi for dinner tonight? Let me know if you crave it just as much as I do, or if you know the secret conspiracy theory, please share.

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