Selasa, 24 April 2012

Young Legends 2

This is the follow-up from the first post.

These two beautiful girls are my closefriends. We took the photo at some places where the places has its own charm, the places is very damn clean and farthest has many good viewes. The fact, we went there in order to relieve our stressed out and fatigue. Ooops! Almost forget, I'm gonna introduce these two beautiful girls to you, from the first named Affijar, she's now in Pandeglang exactly she go to Cahaya Madani School. She's kinda boss for us. If we hang out with her, she will buy us everything we want. How kind person she is! Then the second named Wawa. She has a sexy body and I thought she was similiar to Jupe. Same as me, both of us such parasites for Affijar haha! I'm so glad slash happy to have them. They always turn on my spirit and give me back my soul in confusion. I love them all forever. Before I end this, I just wanna say that thank God you had sent them (spirit of my life) to me. Here they are with me..

The "long tongue"
Creepy face on me :(
Look wawa's komuk...
Affi and Wawa (2 beautiful girls)

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