Minggu, 13 Mei 2012

A Name Is Just A Name Until You Discover Something More

Today is a Sunday, i thought i'd give myself a little break from my routines. so decided to visit some friends of mine blogs, and i found this one post from my friend. She posted something about the meaning of her name. i found that kinda interesting. since i know her pretty well, and based on what he posted is 98% true, so i chose to give that website a chance. and so i did. the result was so unexpected. another 98% righteousness.

Okay so my first thought of a name was 'okay screw with this, how can a name gives someone's life a major alteration of their life. it's just a name anyway' but well... it's not. based on the web i visited earlier when i saw that post and give it a try.the real meaning of my name is 98% describes me. my habit, my hobby, my impressions, my desires, well... basically everything about me.

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