Minggu, 15 April 2012

Young Legends

Yeah yeah yeah, WE GOT TONS OF FUN! Cause we've been so long no see, so we decided to make a plan hanging out at some places. The aim is only to release our exhausted mind out from the stressful of tasks, tests and school. Before it, we attended our friend's b'day party. We ate, we made a joke, we laughed, we shot, we had much quality time there.
After it, me, Wawa (a sexy girl with a big body) and Affijar (a girl with a lot of money) continued to Kopitiam Resto. Then when arriving there, we chosed the menu directly cause we start starving every 3 hours. Wow sounds greedy! Many foods that we ordered and Affijar payed for all. I knew that me and Wawa were wrong let Affijar payed it, but it Affijar's will and she didn't feel pressured or burdened with us. So we just enjoyed it. While those were busy with their own things, I was finding my food to eat and find a good background to take some pictures but suddenly there's a funny moment when there were two Negroes who sat next to us and they asked us with their languange that we haven't known it yet. I just wondered and I thought I'd say sorry cause we didn't understand what they asked. But finally we didn't answer them. LOL! Well It was incompetent right.

I kept tweeting that time and changed my bbm's status became "something-that-I-love-the-most". It's kinda silly, I knew that. We kept walking from one resto to other resto. I wish it would feel so long for today and we could join together someday. At 07.00 p.m I went home. I continued my journey of loneliness in happiness. But I have to realize that the purpose I come to this place is to having fun.

Here are some :
How handsome I'm ! :D

With Jupe versi binongsia !

The sexiest girl "Wawa Jupe"

See! her lips seems so charming

Affijar, back to Tangerang please :'(

All the moments whom I've been through with them I won't ever forget it, they are so precious for me.

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