Selasa, 10 April 2012

Mountain in Jakarta

Sometimes when I pass some certain places in Jakarta, I often see piles of trash by the side of the street or even by the river. This view is annoying. It makes our capital city look ugly and very dirty. If we walk near the pile of trash, we could smell stinky odors coming from it. Piles of trash bring so much bacteria with them. isn't that very dangerous to our health if flies land on our food?

However, many people live around this mountain-like heap of trash. Many children play nearby. Also, lots of people wash clothes, fruits and vegetables in the river which is contaminated by trash. This is terrible. I think they don't realize the danger, because they don't have knowledge about healthy living.

I think, the government must make a regulation that prohibits people to build houses near the trash disposal (dump site). Also, there should be special officers, who watch and catch people who throw trash on the ground or into the rivers. Moreover, if a big fine doesn't make people stop throwing litter carelessly, the government should put them in he jail as the punishment. The efforts to keep "Jakarta Health City" they need to hardwork from both the citizens and the government.

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